"MISSION IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE HEART. It is connecting the heart of God - loving, endlessly giving, broken by sin on the cross of Christ - with the heart of human beings - self-obsessed, self-deceived, a heart of stone. When the Word of God touches the human heart it becomes a heart of flesh. And the first commitment of all our mission endeavour must be to do what we can to make that encounter possible; the encounter in which the human heart is broken and restored by Jesus Christ."

Archbishop Rowan Williams
(from a Partnership for world mission St Andrew's Tide leaflet)


.... of the Mission is to witness to God's saving love, by coming alongside others wherever they are and whatever their need; and to support and be challenged by the worldwide church.

Zambia Link

Yatton Moor has had a link with the PARISH OF KABWE in Zambia for many years. This link has been strengthened in recent years with Yatton Moor funding the building of a much-needed Priest's house in Kabwe.

Our parish has also contributed to the building of another priest's house in the parish of Chalata, also in Zambia.

Bishop Derek Kamakwamba, the Bishop of Central Diocese of Zambia has visited Yatton Moor several times.

Organisations Supported by Mission Giving, Donations and Fund-raising Events in 2022

It has long been a policy of Yatton Moor PCC to give away 5% of its regular, unrestricted income donations to good causes, known as 'mission giving'.

Each year we refresh our giving plans and encourage recommendations from our congregations and consider written requests received by organisations over the year. Details of the Annual Mission Giving by our PCCs and amounts collected at special charity events for 2022 are:

Many of these groups and causes will be familiar to you; the Sisters of the Church run a food bank in St Pauls, Bristol, supporting at least 250 people each week with practical help and companionship. At the same time all five churches support Clevedon Foodbank, which also holds a weekly distribution venue at Yatton Youth Club each Thursday morning.

Thank you to all who give to the church: in this way you are also providing significant funds for a range of causes reflecting the breadth of God’s work in our neighbourhood and places in the world that need special help during the year.