Yatton Moor Team Ministry
Yatton Moor Team Ministry

What We Do

Statement of Faith

"Our belief is that, at the heart of the universe, is a God beyond our imagination who cannot be confined to a human personality. Within God, there is a relationship of love we call the Trinity.

We believe in God the Father who made the whole cosmos as well as life on Earth and who cares deeply for all creation.

We believe that God took human form as Jesus, who died because of the sin of the world, and was raised to life to show that His love cannot be defeated.

We believe that God sends His breath, His Spirit, to give life to those who believe in Him and love Him so that being a Christian is not though our own efforts.

In this parish, we are trying to continue Jesus's mission and ministry, and express God's amazing love."

Mother's Union

The Mother's Union is a worldwide organisation the purpose of which is to be concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriage and Christian family life.

More details of the Mother's Union can be found in Cleeve and Yatton.