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Regular Service Management

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  Weeks Days Time Location Text Auto
     4Sn10:00ClaverhamCafé Church at Court de Wyck School
     23Sn09:30ClaverhamShared Parish Communion
     1Sn11:00ClaverhamInformal Holy Communion
     23Sn09:30CleeveShared Parish Communion
     4Sn10:00CleeveCafé Church at Court de Wyck School
     5Sn10:00CleeveTeam Communion - Check Venue
     1Sn09:30CleeveHoly Communion
     1235Th09:30CleevePrayer for healing and wholeness, often with communionYes
     3Sn18:00KennEvensong (**)
     4Sn11:00KennFamily Service
     2Sn11:00KennHoly Communion
     1Sn08:00KennHoly Communion (**)
     5Sn10:00Kingston SeymourTeam Communion - Check Venue
     2Sn18:00Kingston SeymourEvensong (**)
     3Sn11:00Kingston SeymourHoly Communion
     1Sn11:00Kingston SeymourFamily Service
     4Sn08:00Kingston SeymourHoly Communion
     1Wd11:00Kingston SeymourHoly Communion (**)Yes
     5Sn10:00YattonTeam Communion - Check Venue
     1234Sn09:30YattonParish Communion
     24Sn08:00YattonHoly Communion
     12345Wd10:00YattonHoly CommunionYes
     12345MnWdTh08:30YattonMorning Prayer