Yatton Moor Team Ministry
Yatton Moor Team Ministry

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Point of Contact Management

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  Key Description Primary Name
   cleeveadminCleeve/Claverham Administration OfficeAttrill, Clare
   cleevemuCleeve and Claverham Mother's UnionStoddart, Andrea
   craftclubCraft ClubNorth, Sylvia
   kennsundayclubKenn Sunday ClubBush, Julia
   kingstonadminKingston/Kenn Administration OfficeVacancy,
   kingstonbellsKingston BellringingHarris, Anne
   kingstonflowersKingston Flower GuildHedger, Jo
   kingstonseniorchoirKingston Seymour Senior ChoirLumkin, David
   kingstonsundayschoolKingston Seymour Sunday SchoolSimmons, Anita
   kingstontransportKingston Seymour Transport
   kingstonyouthchoirKingston Seymour Youth ChoirLumkin, David
   lunchclubLunch ClubBerry, Judy
   missionMission CoordinatorThomas, Sue
   pastoralcarePastoral Care CoordinatorScott, Tim
   preschoolSt Marys Pre-SchoolBerry, Judy
   transformersTransformersCartwright, Anne
   yattonadminYatton Administration OfficeAttrill, Clare
   yattonbellsYatton BellringingNorth, Bernard
   yattonflowersYatton Flower GuildClark, Pam
   yattonmuYatton Mother's UnionSummerell, Ruth
   yattonseniorchoirYatton Senior ChoirBranston, Rachel
   yattonsundayschoolYatton Sunday SchoolNorth, Sylvia
   yattontransportYatton TransportPerfitt, Louise
   yattonyouthchoirYatton Youth ChoirBranston, Rachel
   youthgroupYouth GroupPring, Ron