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 View Advert     103SAFEGUARDINGEvent2019-03-082024-06-30 
 View Advert     101DATA PRIVACY NOTICEEvent2018-05-152023-08-31 
 View Advert     130TUESDAY TEASGeneral2017-05-112022-10-31 
 View Advert     100St. Mary the Virgin Church, YattonEvent2017-03-292022-06-30 
 View Advert     106Cancer CafĂ© in the Chapter House at St Mary's Church, YattonEvent2018-11-232020-12-10 
 View Advert     165ST MARY'S COFFEE MORNINGGeneral2019-12-302020-11-28 
 View Advert     180CLEVEDON FOODBANKGeneral2018-07-182020-10-30 
 View Advert     185Yatton Music Society ConcertGeneral2018-08-312020-05-23 
 View Advert     105SPRING CELEBRATIONEvent2020-01-072020-02-01
 View Advert     145EXPLORING PASTORAL CAREEvent2019-10-232019-12-22
 View Advert     150ST MARY'S CHRISTMAS COFFEE MORNINGGeneral2019-12-012019-12-21 
 View Advert     105Messy ChristingleEvent2019-11-212019-12-08
 View Advert     150SUNDAY 8th DECEMBERGeneral2019-11-052019-12-08 
 View Advert     150KINGSTON SEYMOUR FLOWER GUILDGeneral2019-10-222019-12-05 
 View Advert     1St Mary's Church - SurveyEvent2019-10-242019-11-30 
 View Advert     140St. Mary's Church CHRISTMAS FAYREEvent2019-10-222019-11-30 
 View Advert     145STORIES FOR CHANGEGeneral2019-11-052019-11-22 
 View Advert     135TEAM ALL SOULS' SERVICE OF REMEMBRANCEGeneral2019-10-222019-11-17 
 View Advert     130HOLY TRINITY AUTUMN FAYREEvent2019-10-222019-11-16 
 View Advert     105ALL HALLOWSEvent2019-10-222019-11-02
 View Advert     135FLOWER FESTIVALEvent2016-05-202019-10-06 
 View Advert     140JAZZ VESPERSGeneral2019-07-262019-09-29 
 View Advert     120ST MARY'S CHURCH YATTONEvent2017-10-202019-08-31
 View Advert     200From St Mary's ChurchwardensEvent2019-07-252019-08-25 
 View Advert     170Flower Arranging DemonstrationEvent2019-06-042019-07-03 
 View Advert     15A MID-SUMMER AUCTION OF GOODS AND PROMISESEvent2019-06-122019-06-29
 View Advert     160THE BIG BRUNCHEvent2019-06-042019-06-15 
 View Advert     100ST BARNABAS CHURCH FETEGeneral2019-06-042019-06-08 
 View Advert     160Art On The EdgeEvent2019-01-312019-05-02 
 View Advert     210Lent Lunches 2019General2019-02-212019-04-17