Yatton Moor Team Ministry

Seasonal Services

 A full list of scheduled services can be found here

Easter Services 

April 2017
Thursday, 6th April
 09:00 Court de Wyck School  Easter Service
  Sunday, 9th April : Palm Sunday
 08:00 St Mary's, Yatton Holy Communion
 10:00 St Mary's, Yatton TEAM Service and Farewell to David & Liza
 18:00 All Saints', Kingston Seymour Evensong
  followed by Vestry Meeting
  Monday, 10th April
 11:00 All Saints', Kingston Seymour Holy Communion
 19:30 St Barnabas, Claverham Compline Service with Meditation
 20:00  Yatton Church open for 45 mins Taize music/ prayer/ reflection
  Tuesday, 11th April
 20:00  Yatton: Stations for Holy Week
  Wednesday, 12th April
 10:00 St Mary's, Yatton Holy Communion
 11:00 St Barnabas, Claverham Holy Communion
 11:00 St John's, Kenn Holy Communion
 19:30 St Barnabas, Claverham Compline Service with Meditation
 20:00 St Mary's, Yatton Choral Meditation
  Thursday, 13th April : Maundy Thursday
 11:00 St John's, Kenn Holy Communion
 19:30 Holy Trinity, Cleeve Maundy Thursday Communion & Vigil
 19:30 All Saints', Kingston Seymour Maundy Thursday Communion & Vigil
 19:30 St Mary's, Yatton Maundy Thursday Meal & Vigil with Holy Communion
  Friday, 14th April : Good Friday
 10:00 Holy Trinity, Cleeve Stations of the Cross
 10:00 St Mary's, Yatton Easter Celebration for children and their families
 11:00 St John's, Kenn Stations of the Cross
 11:45 Yatton Precinct Act of witness
 14:00 St Barnabas, Claverham Hour at the Cross
 14:00 All Saints', Kingston Seymour An Hour at the Foot of the Cross
 14:00 St Mary's, Yatton The Last Hour
  Saturday, 15th April : Easter Eve
 20:00 St Mary's, Yatton Easter Eve Service of Light and Ceremony of the New Fire
  Sunday, 16th April : Easter Day
 06:30 Holy Trinity, Cleeve Sunrise Holy Communion
  followed by breakfast
 07:00  ‘Sunrise’ Ecumenical (half hour) Service – Cadbury Hill
 08:00 St Mary's, Yatton Holy Communion
 09:30 St Barnabas, Claverham Easter Holy Communion
 09:30 St Mary's, Yatton Easter Communion & Decoration of Cross
 11:00 Holy Trinity, Cleeve Easter Family Holy Communion
  and with Easter Egg Hunt for the children
 11:00 St John's, Kenn Easter Communion
 11:00 All Saints', Kingston Seymour Easter Communion