Yatton Moor Team Ministry
Yatton Moor Team Ministry

Scheduled Parish Services - Sundays

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August 2019
  Sunday, 25th August : The Tenth Sunday After Trinity
 10:00 Holy Trinity, Cleeve Team Service

September 2019
Sunday, 1st September
 08:00 St John's, Kenn Holy Communion*
 09:30 St Mary's, Yatton Parish Communion
 11:00 St Barnabas, Claverham Shared Informal Communion
 11:00 All Saints', Kingston Seymour Family Service
 18:00 St Mary's, Yatton Evensong*/Evening Service
Sunday, 8th September
 08:00 St Mary's, Yatton Holy Communion*
 09:30 St Mary's, Yatton Parish Communion
 10:00 Holy Trinity, Cleeve Parish Harvest Festival Service
 11:00 All Saints', Kingston Seymour Family Harvest Service
 17:00 All Saints', Kingston Seymour Afternoon Tea
 18:00 All Saints', Kingston Seymour Harvest Festival Evensong/Evening Service
Sunday, 15th September
 10:00 St Mary's, Yatton Team Service & Communion
  Archdeacon of Bath/AA
 18:00 St John's, Kenn Harvest Festival Evensong/Evening Service
  Sunday, 22nd September : The Fourteenth Sunday After Trinity
 08:00 All Saints', Kingston Seymour Holy Communion*
 08:00 St Mary's, Yatton Holy Communion
 09:30 St Mary's, Yatton Parish Communion
 10:00 Court de Wyck School Café Church
 11:00 St John's, Kenn Family Service
  Sunday, 29th September : The Fifteenth Sunday After Trinity
 10:00 St Mary's, Yatton Team Service
 14:30  Yew Tree Farm, Kingston Seymour Harvest Messy Church
 19:00 Holy Trinity, Cleeve Jazz Vespers